Summer School Holidays 2018 - School Snack Box
Parent Tips

Ideas For The Summer Holidays

Yes it’s that time of year. They don’t call it the silly season for no reason. What can you do with the kids these holidays to keep yourself sane and to keep them entertained?

Give them a recipe-a-day

Think of easy kid-friendly recipes and give them the ingredients. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – this is one less meal you have to organise and it keeps them entertained.

Go to the beach/river

This is such a lovely time of year to spend time with your kids. Australians love the water and there’s no entrance fees! Remember to pack something extra cold – like frozen yogurt, drink bottles, frozen fruit, snacks etc.

Outside not inside

Sometimes kids forget that outside exists… especially with all those distractions inside such as iPads, Play Stations and NetFlix. There are so many things you can get them to do outside. Here are a few ideas:

  • Let them build a cubby/playhouse with basic material.
  • Anything they can kick or throw or hit – backyard tennis, backyard soccer, football, netball, basketball.
  • Riding their bikes, scooters, roller-blades, skate boards.
  • Water-fight. Get water balloons, or keep used containers before they hit the recycling and let them pour water on each other.
  • Buy/borrow an old-fashioned sprinkler. Kids can have fun with these for hours and you can water your lawns.

Do you have a pool

If you have a pool or know someone who does, than plan a ‘pool party’. Get everyone to bring a plate of healthy food to share. Ask everyone to bring their bathers, goggles, towel and change of clothes.

Craft, craft, craft

Craft is awesome because it can be for girls and boys, and any age group. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a fairy-garden
  • Teach them about recycling and get them to reuse recycled containers etc.
  • Make bubbles
  • Make slime
  • Set up science experiments
  • Paint a big blackboard in your home either inside/outside and get them to draw murals

Go camping

Either as a big group or as an individual family camping is definitely on the cheaper-side of things if you stay closer to home. Camping is a great way for them to spend time away, meet new people and experience the outdoors. You can go camping for as little as one night. If you don’t want to camp away from home than use your backyard.

Sightsee in your own town/city

Seeing as the weather is awesome this time of year – what about the following:

  • Park
  • Zoo
  • Museum
  • Art-gallery
  • Library – local or state
  • Botanical gardens
  • Take a tour of your town

Play parent tag-team

Although school holidays are here – lot of parents still may have to work over this period. Play tag-team – have a group of 5 to 10 other parents that you can rotate the days with! This way you can avoid paying for the out-of-school-hours care and you don’t burn-out trying to entertain them yourself.

We hope you survive the school holidays.

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