Welcome to School Snack Box

We started School Snack Box to make packing school lunches a little easier for parents

Some All parents hate the dreaded school morning routine. This is the routine that happens at least 200 days per year and requires parents to somehow organise a well-balanced school lunchbox but also choose the snacks as well.

Now multiply this morning routine by how the number school-aged kids in your household (play screaming sound now). We understand parents are often working and raising kids, and we know how time-poor this leaves parents, especially with commuting to work and running a kid taxi service.

We started School Snack Box to help parents be organised. No more searching the pantry for the same old boring unhealthy snacks in the morning, we deliver healthy snacks every month to your door.

As an added bonus, we curate snack boxes to meet your kids and schools dietary requirements… you’re welcome.

School Delivery - School Snack Box

School Snack Box is the brainchild of Jacqueline Cirillo

A busy mum of three school-aged kids 10 and under.

Jacqueline Cirillo with her Kids - School Snack Box

The idea of School Snack Box was formed in early 2017 when discussing the idea with her husband and Snackbox Co business partner (and cousin) Carlo Cirillo. Like an apple falling from a tree the concept of delivering healthy snacks to busy parents came about. Jacqueline, mother of three kids knew the frustration she went through finding snacks that fit school healthy eating policies – including finding snacks that were nut-free.

Jacqueline is herself allergic to nuts and sesame and found it hard during her schooling in the 80’s and 90’s when there was limited food education and awareness. Fast-forward to now, and most Australian schools have some form of eating policy.

The sheer frustration parent’s face organising lunchboxes on a daily basis was Jacqueline’s drive to start School Snack Box. While talking to other parents, she found many needed help with picking snacks that contain no artificials, nasties and met certain dietary requirements.

If you’d like to know more about School Snack Box or want to chat with Jacqueline, drop us a line.